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Increase in Federal Estate Tax Exemption for 2016

Posted on by Alison Warden

As of January 1, the federal lifetime estate and gift tax exemption has increased for inflation to $5.45 million per person. This is just slightly up from $5.43 million in 2015. Married couples can get the benefit of two individual … Continue reading

Washington State Estate Tax in 2015

Posted on by Alison Warden

  The 2015 Washington state estate tax exemption for deaths occurring in 2015 is $2.054 million. This is up from $2.012 million in 2014.  Amounts passing to heirs above the $2.054 million mark will be taxed at a rate of … Continue reading

The Windsor Decision – One Year Later

Posted on by Alison Warden

  One year ago this month, Edie Windsor won her case in the U.S. Supreme Court, securing a refund from the IRS of the $363,000 estate tax bill that she paid upon the death of her spouse (and partner of … Continue reading