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About Us

We provide a variety of services to companies, institutions, organizations and individuals.


The people we assist own their own businesses or have dreams of doing so. We help them create or acquire these companies and operate, sell, gift or otherwise pass them on.


Our clients have families in all the ways that family is defined today. We help create plans for retirement, protect and preserve family assets, provide for the care and education of younger generations and accomplish philanthropic goals.


We are there for our clients when illness or death occurs and we help them through these difficult times, guiding those who have new responsibilities thrust upon them.


Many of our clients establish or receive benefits from trusts. We create, administer and manage these trusts, working with investment advisors to achieve our clients goals.


Some of our clients receive charitable gifts and operate as tax-exempt organizations. Others make donations with specific philanthropic objectives in mind. We help devise the methods and vehicles of charitable giving that best meet the needs of the individuals and situations.