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Professional Fees

Our goal in establishing fees is to match the value provided with the fee charged. While we understand that the marketplace for professional services uses the billable hour as the general standard, we do not believe that the billable hour method of charging fees always achieves a match of value to the fee charged. Accordingly, we offer a variety of billing methods that can be designed to best fit your specific situation.

Included in our billing methods are:

  • Retainer Arrangements - annual fee is agreed upon for a comprehensive set of services.
  • Fixed Fee Engagements - cost is established before the work begins.
  • Base Fee Plus Hourly - base fee is quoted for relatively standard services, with hourly rate billing for additional or custom services.
  • Percentage Fees - fee is a function of the value of the assets at stake.
  • Hourly Billing - rate for smaller, distinct services, or projects of uncertain scope or duration.